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Pre-Planning for Your Remembrance Service

Background of Pre-Planning

Pre-planning a Remembrance funeral for yourself or a loved one makes good sense. The biggest advantage is that you can have the time in advance to make well-informed decisions without the possibility of being vulnerable at the time of need due to grief and exhaustion. There are many different reasons for pre-arranging; financial reasons, to ease the burden on your family, or simply to proclaim wishes that you want for yourself.

You should have as much information about the different options that exist when it comes to customizing a Remembrance service. You can also take advantage ahead of time to call different funeral homes to compare prices to ensure you get the best price for your budget. Just because a funeral home is located down the street from you, does not mean it is your best option. If you are not ready to pre-fund a Remembrance service, then you may opt to simply put your wishes and selections on file so that they can be implemented upon death.

Pre-Planning Information

When pre-funding a Remembrance service, no monies are given to the funeral home. It is a contract with you and the financial institution of your choice. The funds are held in an irrevocable CD that gains interest and can only be cashed out with proof of a death certificate. The interest that is compiled can cover any cost increases that the funeral home may incur. If a person is on or will be on Medical Assistance, there are requirements that must be met when it comes to the amount that can be set aside for funeral purposes. For further information regarding the requirements, please feel free to contact us.

We offer no cost pre-planning services that can take place at any of our four funeral homes or in the comfort of your own home. If you simply want to put some wishes on file, we have the following form that you may print, fill out, and mail to our funeral home. There are many options available that we can discuss with you in further detail when you set up an appointment with one of our staff members. If you currently have a funeral trust set up at a funeral home and would like to transfer it to a different funeral home, it is a very simple procedure to make that change. We can help you save money when planning your or the Remembrance Service of your loved one.

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