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Jandt Fredrickson Funeral Homes and Crematory strives to provide the very best service to the families we serve. In order to assure the highest quality of service, we ask that you fill out this survey regarding your experience with us.

1. Was this the first time you have used this funeral home?
2. Why did you select this funeral home? (check all that apply)

3. If you marked "Advertising" as a reason for selecting this firm, mark the source of the information:

(which one(s):)
4. Please evaluate the following using the 1-5 scale listed above:
Rating Scale: 5 - Excellent 4 - Very Good 3 - Good 2 - Fair 1 - Poor
Initial contact with funeral home (either by phone or in person at place of death)
Funeral director at the arrangement conference
Professionalism of the funeral director
Attention to details
Presentation of options for personalization
Courtesy of funeral home staff
Funeral director at the visitation *link each to "add a comment"
Funeral director at the funeral
Funeral home facilities
Funeral home vehicles
Appearance of deceased (cosmetics, hairstyle, clothing, jewelry, etc.)
Accuracy of obituary and death certificate
Payment plan flexibility
Selection of caskets (if cremation, urns)
5. Please evaluate the funeral home's prices:

6. Did you research prices at other funeral homes prior to choosing our facility?

7. Would you be interested in attending discussions regarding issues such as pre-planning/trusting, funeral personalization options, cremation vs. traditional service options, funeral home procedures, etc.?
8. Would you like any funeral pre-planning information sent to you?

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We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We value your opinion and will address your concerns and consider your suggestions.
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